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Linda as a speaker.


Linda’s storytelling has captivated audiences in corner offices and conference halls.

She takes audience-members behind the scenes of her award-winning work experiences, demonstrating the principles behind Olympic-level customer service.

This is how Linda puts it: 

‘My story will change the way you see service.

It starts with a phone call from Sir Richard Branson. He’d noticed my campaign to ‘put people first’ at British Airways. And rang me with an irresistible challenge:

Could I make flying fun?

So, I became Virgin Atlantic’s Director of Customer Service and introduced the brilliant basics and magic touches that won awards and passenger loyalty

I’ve learnt that how an organisation is on the inside, is exactly what customers see. I challenge my audiences to think about their customer experience from the inside out.’


Linda as a mentor.


Whether you’re an experienced executive or new to your role, leadership can feel lonely. When customer satisfaction or morale drops, you need to have some answers.

As an experienced leader herself Linda is an effective mentor and coach. She brings practical knowledge, helping business leaders weigh up difficult decisions, navigate change and overcome self-doubt.

This is how Linda puts it:

‘Leaders are people too and find it helpful to talk with someone who has been there.

I can ask questions to help structure their thinking – working together to come up with answers and solutions.

I enjoy helping people to see a path through the day to day pressures of work by focussing on the important, not just the urgent.’

I loved Linda’s positive attitude – she is a brilliantly motivating speaker and I felt inspired by her